About Plymovent


Plymovent is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. We provide high-quality solutions that remove welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry. Additionally, we offer solutions for the capturing and removal of vehicle exhaust gases. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace – anywhere in the world.

Worldwide network

Plymovent is represented worldwide. Our production locations are based in Alkmaar (Netherlands), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Cranbury NJ (USA). We have sales offices in Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States. The rest of the world is covered by a dedicated network of more than 85 authorised distributors.

Clean air at work

Clean air is something that most of us take for granted. We don’t! Everywhere people work, visible and invisible air pollutants, such as welding fumes, oil mist, vehicle emissions and dust are a hazard to people’s health. Thankfully, awareness about indoor air quality is growing. Plymovent is committed to ensure a clean, safe and healthy working environment for its customers.

“Plymovent cares about the air you breathe. We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work, anywhere in the world. We respect the environment and we deliver high-quality products. Our expertise gained over many years and our genuine commitment to customer requirements enable us to provide precisely the solutions you need.”

Business lines

The organisational structure of Plymovent consists of two business lines. Each line operates independently and focuses on its own product portfolio and market segments. Both business lines ensure, of course, clean air at work!

Industrial Products (IP)

This business line focuses on the extraction and filtration of fumes, smoke and (oil) mist from metal fabrication processes like welding, cutting, tooling and machining. Plymovent supplies plug & play filter units up to custom made engineered solutions (general ventilation and filtration systems).

Exhaust Extraction (EE)

Plymovent supplies system solutions that extract hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions from a variety of vehicle types in fire stations, service garages, automobile plants, emergency service stations, and more.

Quality standards

All products are manufactured with great care and tested extensively. The manufacturing facility in Alkmaar, the Netherlands is ISO 9001:2015 certified. A permanent quality control is part of the daily production process. All products contain the CE marking meeting the EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. On top of that, we have several certificates that apply to single products or a product range.

​The Plymovent story


The story of Plymovent started 40 years ago. Plymovent’s foundation is found in both Sweden and the Netherlands and its foundation is built on polluted air. In those days not a single person was thinking about polluted air, so this was pretty visionary. Nonetheless, extracting and filtering polluted air has been our expertise for over 40 years. Below is our history. A story of entrepreneurial spirits, innovations, acquisitions and ups and also downs. But most of all, it is the story of hundreds of man and woman that have been working at Plymovent in those 40 years. And that makes it our story. A story which we are proud of and that has resulted in the great and truly global company which we are today.

Plymovent finds its origin when two entrepreneurs started their own companies. Completely independent of one another they set up similar companies; one in Sweden and the other one in the Netherlands. The Swedish entrepreneur focused on engineered welding fume solutions for large clients, metal products that were developed and installed by its own engineers. At the same time the Dutch company focused on plug and play products sold through dealers and partners. Two start-ups with two different strategies and one common goal: clean air for employees worldwide. And that is still what we do today: CLEAN AIR AT WORK.


In 1975 in The Netherlands, Dirk den Dekker started a new venture: Euromate. Its initial mission was to apply the electrostatic filter principle to commercial air cleaners. Easy to install, hassle free products based on sheet metal were developed. From that moment on, hassle free products continue to be a corner stone of all our products. From a new office in the beautiful city of Alkmaar and with a focus on innovation, the start-up grew to become a company with a large portfolio and clients across Europe. One of the highlights in its history was the introduction of a complete new product line at the end of the last century. Filter systems based on Polypropylene, at that time a material rarely used in the metal industry. The ProLine 2000 product line was ahead of its time and took the market by storm and competitors by surprise. Still today the upgraded and further developed ProLine 2000 (e.g. the MFD or the UltraFlex) is a state of the art product line, sold to numerous satisfied clients worldwide.

In the same period, 1976 in Sweden, John Plymoth started to design products that extracted welding fumes. Plymoth -as the company was named- started its business based on customer intimacy and engineered solutions. Soon its sheet metal products found their way to the international market. During the eighties of last century, Plymoth established various own subsidiaries worldwide, resulting in sales offices in the USA, Canada, Germany and France. At the same time a strong dealer network spanning across Europe was developed and the company started to grow.


In 1989 Plymoth acquired the Swedish company CelciusVent; a leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems for the capturing of vehicle exhaust. The two company names were combined and the brand as we know it today was born: PLYMOVENT.

Logo Clean Air GroupTen years later, in 1999, Euromate acquired Lucom. Lucom had been a loyal distributor in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and its founder did not have a successor. This acquisition was the start of the Clean Air Group.

And in 2006 the Dutch Clean Air Group acquired the Swedish Plymovent. The Clean Air Group continued its dual brand strategy and grew until the year 2008. Unfortunately with the fall of Lehman Brothers the growth abruptly stopped.

Logo PlymoventIn 2014 the current shareholders acquired 100% of all Plymovent shares with the aim to continue to build a great company on the foundation laid in the past. The focus will be on industrial applications such as the ventilation and extraction of welding fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes and oil mist.

One brand, one future

Head office of Plymovent in the NetherlandsAlready in 2011 the Clean Air Group rebranded all its companies and products to the well-known and international recognizable brand name: Plymovent. Nowadays Plymovent is again focusing on innovation and quality manufacturing. Based on our expertise and experience gained in the last 40 years, we aim to surpass our client needs and expectations. Through our subsidiaries in France, USA, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands and through our loyal partners all around the world we continuously listen to our clients to understand their needs, so we can respond with even better and more innovative products. Plymovent continues to invest and innovate in: Clean air at work.

Environmental policy


Plymovent cares about the air you breathe. We supply products, systems and services to meet our customers’ needs for clean air at work. Moreover, we strive for a clean world and make efforts to prevent or minimize the impact of our products and company activities on the environment.



We meet all the requirements of current legislation and guidelines governing health, safety and environment.


Product development

Plymovent designs high-quality durable and reliable air cleaning products. We do not use hazardous raw materials in our products. We design with easy dismantling in mind and strive to use recyclable materials whenever possible. We are continually looking into ways to improve the energy efficiency of our products and at the same time to minimise the size and weight of our products in order to cut down on the volume of raw materials used and thus reduce our impact on the environment.


Supply chain and logistics

We evaluate our suppliers according to environmental performance and work closely with them during product design applying their knowledge to reduce the environmental impact of our products. In our production facilities we are constantly looking at how to reduce the volume of waste materials and the use of (green) energy. We are looking into how to use less packaging material and how to optimise our supply chain in order to reduce our transport needs.


Sales and marketing

We also look at how we can reduce the environmental impact of our sales and marketing operations. We have a policy of saving paper by encouraging the electronic communications and we encourage the use of green energy in our offices. Furthermore, we schedule our service and maintenance operations efficiently to minimise travelling and aim to develop alternative service concepts with a lower impact on the environment.


Market and customers

Our expertise and genuine commitment to customer requirements enable us to provide our customers with exactly the solutions they need. This not only includes the need for clean air at work, but also energy-saving and cost-effective solutions. By offering effective filtration systems we reduce the need to ventilate using fresh air from outside and consequently the need for heating or cooling. We encourage the use of heat exchange solutions in those instances where outside air supply is necessary. By supplying smart control equipment with our systems we make sure that our products are energy-efficient compared to standard solutions. Our mission is to gain a competitive advantage by offering sophisticated ‘green’ air cleaning technology.


Organisation and culture

Thanks to our environmental policy we are able to create an organisational culture in which sustainable development presents a positive challenge. We believe this will increase our attractiveness as an employer.



Our goal is to increase environmental awareness in general and improve our image and environmental performance. In order to achieve this we actively communicate our environmental ambitions and results to our employees, suppliers, distributors, customers and potential customers.


Continuous improvement

To achieve our ambitions we set up annual organisational and departmental objectives for sustainability and we monitor these with our management reporting system.

Corporate values


Clean air is precious to us. For more than 40 years we have been providing clean air at work. Clean air for welders, metalworkers, fire fighters, garage mechanics and many more.


Our mission

Clean air at work for everyone everywhere.


Our vision

  • We take pride in manufacturing and installing superior air filtration products creating healthier workplaces for employees around the world.
  • Understanding our customer needs enables us to continuously develop and innovate our products and portfolio.
  • In partnership with stakeholders, we develop greener solutions, build a great company and create a better world for us all.


Our values

  • Customer first
  • Passion to perform together
  • Don’t hold back & make it happen
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